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Algebra in Mathematics

Make learning about the addition and subtraction of algebraic fractions interesting with this online Math course.

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Have you ever asked yourself why you have to study algebra? Or why does algebra have to be so complicated? Well, you're not alone. That's why this Algebra in Mathematics course is designed to make studying those mathematical symbols much easier for you. The course offers a comprehensive introduction to algebra and carefully and clearly explains the concepts of algebraic fractions. This will make your Math studies a lot less stressful!
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Do you know that the word algebra came from the Arabic word al-jabr. This word dates back to the title of a 9th-century manuscript written by the mathematician Al-Khwarizmi, who is known as the Father of Algebra. Now that you know whom to thank Algebra for, it's time to learn it. First, this course will clearly explain the basic operations of addition and subtraction, and will show you how to simplify quadratic equations. This will make your future algebra studies much easier.

This online Algebra course then applies Math to real-world problems. You will be given a good understanding of algebraic notation and be shown how to use algebra to calculate the cost of renting a car, the speed of a car, and temperature conversions. You will then be guided through the processes of simplifying, verifying, and expanding algebraic expressions. In no time at all, you will master binomial expressions, quadratic trinomials, and other algebraic concepts that used to make you scratch your head in confusion.

By the end of this Algebra in Mathematics course, you will have gained a much stronger understanding of algebraic fractions. This will make it much easier to get an A in your next Math test, or just to find the subject of algebra a little less overwhelming. This course is ideal for students looking for extra help, or even for a different approach to learning Math. So, check out the course and make finding your X's and Y's a lot easier today.

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