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Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Learn about the qualities of an entrepreneur and becoming a successful entrepreneur in this free online diploma course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online diploma course provides a very detailed overview of the multifaceted domain of entrepreneurship. It will also help you to discover if you have the qualities of an Entrepreneur and how to raise finance. Also, it outlines multiple constructs for entrepreneurs to become successful. By the end of this training, you will be able to know the key stages of Entrepreneurship and how you can become a successful Entrepreneur.
Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship
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This free online diploma entrepreneurship course will help you understand entrepreneurship as a whole and the various stages of setting up an entrepreneurial organization from start-up to ramp-up. You will first be introduced to entrepreneurial Journey, followed by entrepreneurial discovery, where you will learn about how you can discover whether you have the entrepreneurial spark. This further leads you into ideation and prototyping. Which has to do with how you can ideate and develop a prototype which are the two foundational stages in setting up an entrepreneurial firm.

Next, you will learn about how your entrepreneurial idea will actually take shape in the real marketplace. You will also learn about how entrepreneurs challenge established products and strive to create a new industrial environment through novel products. This diploma course will also expose you to technological innovation and entrepreneurship, where you will later learn how technology interrupts the way businesses have been conducted. 

Furthermore, in this free online diploma course, you will discover how you can raise finances, especially if you have very scarce or meagre resources. Also, you will learn the relationship between education and entrepreneurship; how the two can be harnessed to become a successful entrepreneur. This course will also teach you when to leave the reins of an entrepreneurial firm that has been set up by you as a founder, in the hands of professional leaders; so that you could move on, to setting up of new entrepreneurial ventures. By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of Entrepreneurship and how you can become a successful Entrepreneur. Why delay? Start learning today.

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