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Accounting and Its Use in Business Decisions

Learn how accounting knowledge can help you make more accurate business decisions with this free accounting course.

Publisher: Global Text Project
This free online Accounting and Business course will teach you about how accounting is used as crucial information in making business decisions, and about several important accounting practices. With the right training, accounting is both interesting and accessible, not to mention indubitably important. This free online course will teach you about the financial accounting process, accounting transactions, much more.
Accounting and Its Use in Business Decisions
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Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of the financial transactions of a business. With this free Accounting course, you will learn about the most important accounting processes in use today. The course will begin by discussing the financial statement of different organizations, including the corporation, partnership, and sole proprietorship. You will learn how transactions affect the income statement and balance sheet as well as study the subject of equity and dividend ratios.

Next, you will learn how to prepare an income statement, a statement of retained earnings, and a balance sheet. These are the three most important financial statements that are used for reporting a company's financial performance over a specific accounting period. Once you have mastered these three, you can give yourself a pat in the back and move on to the subject of equity ratio.

This free Accounting and Its Use in Business Decisions course will be of great interest to entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to learn or refresh their knowledge of important accounting principles. It will also be valuable to any learner who is interested in having a future career in the field of accounting. With just a little time and effort, the numbers on your sheets will start falling into place with ease. So why wait? Start building up your accounting skills today.

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