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Robbie Osenga is a husband and father who invests in the world each day as a coach, consultant and speaker. In 2011 a catalytic event happened in his life, which sent him on an 18-month journey to find clarity in his calling. Since then, Robbie has met one-on-one with hundreds of people, and has been sought out to speak and encourage larger audiences, all under his mission of 'empowering others to live a life worthy of their calling'.

After an early career in design, soon followed by education, Robbie founded the LeRoy Preparatory Academy in 2008, and began accepting opportunities to speak, coach and consult with other schools, non-profit organisations and businesses centred around his core mission of 'empowering others to live a life worthy of their calling'. He serves as the vice-president and chief potential officer of Cybernautic, a Web design and digital strategy firm, while still maintaining his many collaborative and consultative efforts in various projects at large. Robbie is an 'elder statesman' of the millennial generation, and works passionately as an advocate to bridge the gap, as millennials transition into workforces and wider culture. His passion, sense of humour and compelling message makes a positive dent in people’s lives, and he is always looking for ways to do more of just that!

Robbie realised his ability and desire to speak, teach and motivate as a 7th grade student, leading the efforts of his junior high school to better engage and transition incoming 6th-grade students. For more than 20 years, this desire and ability have put him in a variety of settings and demographics, all centred around the need in the world that he feels he was created to meet, which is 'potential'. Whether this is a class full of students, educators, professionals or congregants, Robbie consistently works to bring an enlightening message and a unique perspective that is intended to affect change in people’s lives!

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    Clarity in Calling With Robbie Osenga

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    Learn how to improve your self-awareness, determine your destiny and your life's purpose in this free online course.
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