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Dr Daniel O’Shiel was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1984. He grew Dr Daniel O’Shiel was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1984. He grew up mainly in the greater London area in England, until going to the University of Warwick aged 18 to study computer science. Daniel discovered philosophy relatively late, around 22 years old, but once he did he was hooked and moved to Belgium in 2007 to study for a new Bachelor's degree at the prestigious Husserl Archives at KU Leuven. After a BA and two Master's in philosophy, Daniel completed his PhD, which included a year at FU Berlin in Germany, at Leuven in 2016 with a summa cum laude.

Daniel is very well versed in many periods of the history of Western philosophy, with particular expertise and interest in phenomenology, existentialism, philosophy of technology, philosophical anthropology and environmental ethics. His first book, appearing with Bloomsbury Academic in 2019, stemmed from his doctorate and is entitled 'Sartre and Magic. Being, Emotion and Philosophy'. It provides a full explication of Sartre’s technical and dynamic concept of ‘magic’ (personal reflection, emotions, imagination and value), as well as concrete analyses of artistic creation, advertising, racism and stupidity, and certain psychopathologies. This work should be followed by his second monograph 'The Phenomenology of Virtual Technology. Perception and Imagination in a Digital Age', also with Bloomsbury. It provides a comprehensive phenomenology of perception and imagination and shows how new virtual technologies (like social media) are changing the relationship between these two main types of experience. Daniel also has numerous other publications and projects, all of which can be located on his website.

The services offered on Alison are three introductory courses relative to his training and expertise. The first is an Introduction to Philosophy, which is to say all the main figures, themes and disciplines throughout the history of Western philosophy, beginning with the ancient Greeks and coming up to the current era. Second is an Introduction to Phenomenology course, which begins with the father of this crucial continental discipline, Edmund Husserl, and also details the movement’s evolution through other main figures right up until its continuing contemporary relevance and influence. Lastly, his Introduction to Existentialism course also teaches all the basic figures, themes and concepts from this genre of thought that puts the human condition at its heart.To learn more about Daniel and what they have to offer, take a look at their LinkedIn profile here.

Free, Online Courses Created by Daniel O'Shiel

  • Certificate An Introduction to Philosophy

    An Introduction to Philosophy

    1.5-3 hrs
    Explore the History of Western Philosophy from Ancient Greece to Contemporary Societies in this free online course.
  • Certificate An Introduction to the Principles of Phenomenology

    An Introduction to the Principles of Phenomenology

    3-4 hrs
    In this free online course, study the basic principles, features, and tenets of the conscious science of phenomenology.
  • Certificate An Introduction to the Principles of Existentialism

    An Introduction to the Principles of Existentialism

    3-4 hrs
    Master the tenets of existentialism and create a free, exciting and purposeful life in this free online course.
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