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An Introduction to Philosophy

Explore the History of Western Philosophy from Ancient Greece to Contemporary Societies in this free online course.

Publisher: Daniel O'Shiel
This free course is for those who are interested in Philosophy. It will provide an overview of Western Philosophy from Ancient Greek through to our modern-day contemporary societies. You will learn about the main domains of Philosophy and several concepts such as Neoplatonism, Modernity, Rationalism and more. Also, you will be introduced to the most prominent philosophers through history and examine their works and contributions. Enrol today!
An Introduction to Philosophy
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Philosophy has been a subject of study since the beginning of Western Civilization. Western Philosophy has been dramatically influenced by legendary names such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and many more. During different periods, their philosophical works and contributions have shaped the modern societies we live in today. This online philosophy course is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts who would like to experience a journey through the history of Philosophy.

We’ll be following a chronological approach, starting by defining Philosophy from Ancient Greece. You will learn its main domains and the ‘Philosophical Trinity’: The True, Good, and Beautiful. We will then introduce you to the main figures contributing to philosophy, starting with Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. We’ll discuss their works and philosophical reasoning. Next, we’ll explore the concepts of Neoplatonism in the Medieval period and the works of the Saint Augustine of Hippo, examining ‘pagan’ philosophy to monotheistic philosophy. You will also learn about Saint Thomas Aquinas, regarded as the most significant medieval Christian philosopher. His primary focus and ideas came at the end of the medieval period.

Further on, we’ll introduce you to the following main period known as ‘Modernity’ or the era of ‘Modern Philosophy’. The leading actor here was the well-known René Descartes. We will also review his works, ideas, legacy, and influence. Finally, we’ll explore Rationalism, which began with Descartes and was advanced by Baruch Spinoza. Although Spinoza died young, some of his notable works still studied today include Ethics, Conatus, Passions and Reason. This course is for beginners and anyone interested in the fundamentals of philosophy. Best of all, it’s free, detailed, and informative. Sign up today!

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