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Irish Transition Year: Work and the Future

With Leaving Cert looming and decisions to be made down the line about pursuing further education or considering the world of work, Transition Year pupils spend a portion of the year exploring life beyond school. It’s a valuable opportunity to learn about different careers and the nuts and bolts of applying for jobs.

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Preparation for Adult and Working Life

Alison’s courses offer training in many of the skills that will help young people find a job. We also cover related areas, such as work etiquette, time management and dealing with stressful situations.

Some key concepts:

  • Develop an understanding of work and community service in terms of its structures and processes.
  • Promote an appreciation of the social and other skills required for the workplace.
  • Provide skills related to finding work such as preparation of a curriculum vitae, job search strategies, job applications and interview techniques.

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