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Dashama first took up yoga to heal her own body and mind after a series of mental and physical setbacks. Though she had always been interested in health and wellness, it was when she found herself healed by her yoga practice that she was really inspired pursue a career in wellbeing. Dashama gained her expertise by studying relentlessly and traveling the world learning from masters and healers, shaman and experts.

Since 2005, Dashama's career as a happiness expert has resulted in hundreds of videos and multiple bestselling online courses, catering to the growing demand for high quality educational material in meditation, yoga, health and wellness. As well as yoga and meditation, she also teaches holistic lifestyle practices including detox diets and healing methods.

Dashama's online videos and courses have helped millions around the world learn how to self-heal. She created the first ever online yoga challenge back in 2008, which went viral and reached millions, and which now serves as the basis for her courses with Alison. Dashama spoke to the Alison Blog about overcoming challenges, learning to heal and sharing taking control of your own wellbeing.