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BCcampus is a publicly funded Canadian educational organisation committed to democratising access to education. By leveraging educational technology and open educational resources, BCcampus have become leaders in their field and have cultivated a successful and sustainable approach to free education. Based in British Columbia, BCcampus is one of the country's most active free education bodies, with over 200,000 students.

Central to BCcampus' project is their Open Textbook Collection, which allows educators and students to access quality learning resources for free online. The Open Textbook Collection drastically reduces the financial barriers to post-secondary level education and has already saved students over $24 million dollars.

Drawing on their Open Textbook Collection, BCcampus have created a wide range of courses for Alison. From Web Accessibility to Film Studies, from Community Psychology to Sustainable Energy, BCcampus' courses are based on their quality resources, which are currently being implemented across a range of Canadian universities, including the University of British Columbia.

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