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Ashraf Said AlMadhoun is an educator, Mechatronics engineer, electronics and programming hobbyist, and maker. He creates online video courses on the EduEng YouTube Channel (more than 4 million views, 20,000 + subscribers) and author of four Microcontroller books. As a Chief Educational Engineer since 2007 at Educational Engineering Team, the company he founded, Ashraf’s mission is to explore new trends and technology and help educate the world and make it a better place. Ashraf’s online courses have helped over 250,000 people from around the world to be better engineers and make great careers in the industry.

Ashraf’s core skill is explaining difficult concepts through a step-by-step easy-to-understand method using video and text-based courses. With over 11 years of tertiary teaching experience, Ashraf has developed a simple yet comprehensive and informative style in teaching that students from all around the world appreciate.

Ashraf's passion for Microcontrollers and Programming and in particular for the world of Arduino, PIC Microcontroller, Rasberry Pi has guided his personal development and his work through Educational Engineering. Educational Engineering offers educational courses and Bootcamps, articles, lessons, and online support for electronics hobbyists, Programming hobbyists, Microcontroller hobbyists, STEM students, and STEM teachers. His team also work as freelancer engineers, helping many students in their graduation projects, providing guidance and consulting for many students over the years to help them kick-start their career.

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