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As a Qualified Alison Publisher, you can share in the revenue of as many online courses as you like while based anywhere in the world!

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The Qualified Alison Publisher

At Alison, we believe that the world is teeming with knowledge and skills that are just waiting to be unleashed. Free online learning could be the key to getting people all around the globe into the jobs they want and the futures they dream of. There’s just one problem: most of the people who have expertise in a specific subject (whether it’s Operations Management, Food Quality, or Spanish grammar), don’t know how to make an online course. That’s where you come in.

A Qualified Alison Publisher (QAP) will have the required pedagogical knowledge, technical abilities, and experience of the Alison Publishing Tool to turn any expert’s knowledge into a high quality course. By connecting a subject matter expert with a QAP, Alison provides both parties with everything they need to put a brilliant course online.

Benefits of Becoming a QAP

As a Qualified Alison Publisher, you can share in the advertising and certification revenue of every course you help a subject matter expert to publish, opening up a far larger revenue stream. Before long, you could have learners around the world studying courses on Health Studies, Solar Energy, and English Literature, all of which you have helped to publish. These courses can make money for you 24/7 and as a QAP you can be based anywhere in the world!

What’s more, the global market you can reach by continuously publishing courses for different subject matter experts will boost your profile, allow you to develop new business connections, and showcase your abilities as a Publisher. And remember, all Alison courses are made available to the user free of charge, which means that as a Qualified Alison Publisher, you are helping to empower the world and deliver quality education to everyone, regardless of their background.

Once you’ve completed all three levels, you’ll become an official Qualified Alison Publisher and be ready to take your career to new heights!

  • Level 1

    Fill out the Application Form and complete two publishing training courses

  • Level 2

    Complete your first course to a quality high enough that it can be published on the main Alison platform

  • Level 3

    Publish 5 more courses on the main Alison platform


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