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From earning an income by sharing your expertise with a global or exclusive audience, to upskilling your staff or community, Alison Publishing offers you a wide range of opportunity. Whether you’d like to create a Public Course that goes live to the world, or a Private Course that you share with your own unique network of learners, Alison can make it happen for you.

Who is Alison Publishing for?

  • Subject Matter Expert
    Share your expertise, skill and knowledge
  • Professional Publisher
    Earn Revenue and Generate Leads for your business
  • Qualified Alison Publisher / Contractor
    Earn by publishing on contract for others or simply improve your skill-set
  • Businesses and Government Organisations
    Upskill your employees, customers, or volunteers
  • Non-Profit Organisations
    Upskill your employees or volunteers
Subject Matter Expert

Do you have expertise in a certain field or skill? Why not monetise the expert knowledge and skill you have by publishing a course? Maybe you are a world expert that thousands of learners would be interested in learning from? Or maybe, your expertise isn’t that advanced, but you could explain basic level knowledge on your subject clearly to beginners?

The Benefits

By publishing a course on Alison, you can open your expertise to the widest possible global market and make an income while doing so. Every Alison Publisher can share in the advertising and certification revenue generated by Alison from published courses. What’s more, Alison’s dedicated Marketing and Publishing teams will help gain attention for your course, and make sure that the pedagogic quality of your course is high and meets the rigorous standard we set for every course we publish. Once published, your course(s) can earn for you 24/7!

The rewards aren’t just financial. By spreading your expertise through a published course on Alison, you showcase your skills, improve your CV/résumé, and generate awareness of your brand as an expert. And what’s more, you’ll be making a real difference to the world. All of Alison’s courses are made available to the learner for free; but you as published still earn through our revenue share. By publishing what you know, you empower people to learn and improve their circumstances across the globe, no matter what their financial circumstances. Together, we can change the world for the better.

Professional Publisher

Are you a professional publisher, part of an organisation that publishes commercially for monetary gain? Alison Publishing can offer you a new monetising opportunity, a new channel to earn directly from – or promote awareness about the solutions you offer and generate more sales and marketing leads. Alison can bring a new audience of tens of millions of people to your products and services.

The Benefits

Courses which go on the main Alison platform must first be reviewed by the Alison pedagogic (learning) team to make sure the course meets our standards of quality.

Once your course is published, Alison’s Marketing Team will help you bring your course to the attention of learners, and potential customers in every corner of the globe. Through Alison, you can showcase your solutions, improve your reputation, and generate awareness of your brand as an expert and who can help customers meet their needs.

If you are a professional publisher and want to discuss the opportunities available through Alison, please send an introductory email to [email protected]

Qualified Alison Publisher / Contractor

You don’t have to be a subject matter expert to publish on Alison. You can learn about a subject and simply publish a course. Many people who understand a subject can teach the basics very well, without having advanced knowledge on the subject.

Similarly, you don’t have to write the course at all, but you could work with the learning content of another publisher for a paid fee, or work as a contractor directly for Alison, who often has very large portfolios of courses to publish requiring third party assistance.

Whether an expert publisher, or amateur, we insist that every publisher using the Alison Publishing Tool knows the basics of online learning pedagogy (i.e. the science of learning), and knows how to use our publishing tool efficiently.

Publishing a high quality course involves a diverse set of skills. You need pedagogical knowledge, technical abilities, and a decent sense of presentation – all of which can be learned. That is why to publish on Alison you must become QAP Level 1. (Qualified Alison Publisher Level 1). This requires you to simply complete two free courses which will take you less than two hours each.

The Benefits

As a Qualified Alison Publisher, you can publish directly yourself and earn revenue through a revenue share of advertising and certification revenue. If you become a QAP Level 3 level, you can offer your publishing services to Alison, or to any other publisher seeking assistance to publish on the Alison platform.

As a QAP, you can work from anywhere, from central New York City, or Central Africa, once you have a reasonable internet connection. See details of Alison’s Qualified Alison Publisher Training Programme launching in late October 2019.

Businesses and Government Organisations

With Alison’s Self-Publishing Tool, businesses large and small can create courses that will upskill their employees, enhance their brand as industry standard-bearers, and monetise the high quality knowledge and skills within their organisation. Either through the creation of Private Courses made available to only your own employees and customers, or Public Courses that go on the main Alison platform for the world to see, Alison’s Self-Publishing Tool will provide a solution that you possibly never thought existed but can bring real value to your company and your customers.

The Benefits

There are two types of courses you can create on Alison: Private and Public. Private Courses are only accessible to an exclusive audience that the publisher chooses. Private courses can be published at any time by anyone. Public Courses appear on the main Alison platform but to do so, they must first be reviewed to make sure they meet the standards of quality we require.

These two types of courses can meet different business needs. For instance, as a business manager, you might prioritise and value extremely highly the ability to create courses as a means of knowledge and skills across your staff. Organising training days, group sessions, and professional development programs can present massive logistical challenges. All of these can be avoided by producing a free online Private Course for your members to take during their own schedule.

If you want to showcase your company’s profile as an industry leader, or as a socially-conscious organisation making high quality knowledge available to the world, you might consider publishing a Public Course(s) for anyone to take on Alison without charge. We’ll share the advertising and certification revenue your course makes so you can monetise the knowledge and skill housed within your company.

Creating Certifications around your Products & Services

With Alison, you could create a suite of courses with certification around your products and services. That way you could ensure that your customers and vendor staff are fully aware of how to get value from what you offer. Such courses could be made Public, or distributed to a specific network as a Private Course.

Case Studies

With a name that needs no introduction, Microsoft was one of the first external publishers on the Alison platform in 2009. Since that time, over one million people worldwide have learned how to use and become proficient in using Microsoft productivity tools with Alison.

What people often don’t realise says Alison CEO Mike Feerick is that “while the Western world knows global brands such as Microsoft extremely well, there are still billions of people worldwide who have never heard of the brand – and that goes for many of the world’s largest brands representing some of the world’s most competitive products and services. Our reach into workplace learning communities around the world, increasingly in the developing world, is an attraction to these companies, even ones as large as Microsoft”.

UK-based Walkgrove is a consortium of 250 industry experts who have a broad range of expertise and skills across many disciplines. Since 2010, Walkgrove has published on the Alison platform covering subjects such as Health & Safety, Environmental Studies, Management and Identity Theft.

Publishing on Alison serves Walkgrove in a number of ways; it provides a platform to present the expertise of Walkgrove and generate leads for further business through advertising the Company to a wide global audience. Furthermore, 24/7, its Alison hosted courses are earning additional income for Walkgrove and its own subject-matter-experts.

Jane Lunt, Client Solutions Consultant with Walkgrove states that publishing with Alison is a powerful win-win. “The beauty with working with Alison is that they manage the platform and bringing a huge audience to study our courses from all over the world. As a UK-based publisher, that is terrific international exposure for us. We continually update our courses on the Alison platform, and the service from the publishing team at Alison is speedy and professional. I would encourage other experts to monetise their knowledge and expertise in on the Alison platform”.

Not For Profit Organisation

Alison is a firmly social enterprise. Our mission is to bring free learning to the world and empower everyone with the education and skills training they deserve, regardless of their background. In pursuit of this goal, our Self-Publishing Tool enables non-profit organisations around the world to produce high quality courses on any subject they like. This allows us to educate communities and support non-profits globally, all without ever charging the learner to access high quality learning content.

The Benefits

As a non-profit, you can use Alison’s Publishing Tool to publish courses that will bring knowledge to your community, stakeholders, or staff. In some instances, you might want to make a course that only specific people can access. In these cases, you can use Alison’s Self-Publishing tool to create a Private Course. Private Courses do not appear on the main Alison platform. Instead they are made available only to anyone you share a link with. This focuses the visibility of your course within your own network, and allows anyone to create a Private Course at any time without Alison’s approval.

However, sometimes you might want your courses to be accessible to the whole world. If this is the case, you can use Alison’s Self-Publishing Tool to create a Public Course that will go on the main Alison platform (pending Alison’s approval of your course’s quality). This will give your course a massive global reach. It will also allow you to generate revenue for your operations, because we share the advertising and certification revenue of all our Public Courses with the course Publisher! So, you can help empower the world with free learning while also powering your own organisation with some socially generated revenue.

Case Studies

In partnership with Aga Khan Foundation , a leading global development agency, Alison developed a highly-praised Certificate course on the Monitoring and Evaluation of NGO Projects. Volunteers working in the NGO sector world have completed the course. “Publishing on Alison introduced our organisation’s expertise to many thousands of NGO’s across the world” says Munir Ahmad, International Advisor, Technology and Civil Society, at the Aga Khan Foundation.

The global reach of the Alison platform was a big attraction to us, as was the pedagogic expertise of the Alison publishing team.

While our team were made of subject-matter-experts with many years of experience on the front line, the Alison publishing team made sure that the course, when published, was pedagogically sound and of high learning impact. Such a partnership, between a global free learning platform with pedagogic expertise such as Alison – and indeed an organisation with social mission such as Alison – combined with expertise of organisations like ours with a great depth of professional expertise can, on scale, transform learning, and indeed transform how people access learning worldwide”.

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