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    How will my order be sent to me?

    Standard Shipping The order is dispatched via DHL Registered Mail to your country of residence. Then your National Postal Provider will take over getting your order to your door. It usually takes 5-...

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    How can I track my order by Standard Shipping?

    Standard shipping normally takes 5-10 working days for delivery to countries within Europe and 10-14 working days for delivery to countries outside of Europe. However, we do advise to allow up to 28 w...

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    How can I track my order by Express Shipping?

    Express Shipping, via DHL, normally takes 3-5 days for delivery to countries within Europe and 5-9 days for delivery to countries outside of Europe. Once your order has been dispatched you...

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    What courses have free Digital Certificates?

    Below is a list of our courses that offer a free Digital Certificate upon successful completion: Microsoft Digital Literacy - IT Basics, Internet & Productivity Programs Microsoft Ac...

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    Why can't I complete my course?

    Scenario: You have completed the whole course and passed the assessment, but the Finish button at the end of the assessment won't work, meaning your score is not recorded. Solution:   The...

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    How can I pay for my certificate?

    If you wish to view the exact price of your certificate, check out our Pricing page. If you require the use of a currency converter, please click here. You can purchase your certificate directly...

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    How do I qualify for a Certificate?

    To qualify for a genuine Alison Certificate you must successfully complete your chosen course or Learning Path, achieving 80% or higher in all assessments. Once you complete the final assessment and...

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    How can I upgrade to an Ad Free Alison Account?

    Click on the Profile icon. Select Remove Ads - this will add the product to your Shopping Cart. Go to your Shopping Cart - this is the cart shaped icon at the top of the page. Insert a Voucher Code...

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    How can I reset my password?

    Login to Alison. Select the Forgot Password? link. You will be asked to enter your email address and click 'Reset my password'. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your passwor...

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    How do I finish my course?

    To finish a course you must complete each topic, module and assessment in the course. Once you complete the final assessment and pass with a result of 80% or more, the course should automat...


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