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How to organise my course? What are the requirements for the course length?

    Every course possesses its distinctiveness, with its duration hinging on the nature and breadth of knowledge conveyed to learners. Alison provides a diverse array of courses, encompassing short certificates, regular certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas. The duration of these courses ranges from a minimum study period of 90 minutes to a maximum of 30 hours.

    Outlined below is the fundamental structure of an Alison course:

    Courses are composed of chapters and modules, concluding with an assessment. Each module contains topics, and within each topic, there are individual pages. The structure of courses typically involves a single chapter, with a balanced combination of modules and topics, adjusted based on the course's length.


    The introductory topic of each module should consistently display a list of Learning Outcomes on a single page. In contrast, the final topic, identified as the Lesson Summary, should encompass 1-5 pages, contingent on the number of key points relevant to summarise.

    The intervening topics, denoted as Core Content topics, should ideally span 3-30 pages, adjusting based on the content needed to convey information effectively. It is advisable for Core Content topics to maintain a similar number of pages, ensuring a well-balanced and structured course. Specific minimum and maximum requirements are as follows:

    • Number of modules per course: 1-40

    • Minimum of three topics per module (excluding Learning Outcomes and Lesson Summary)

    • General advice suggests maintaining 3-8 topics per module, with 5-12 pages per topic (or 1 page per topic for video-based courses).

    The Publishing Tool will exhibit character limits as guidance, alerting you if content within a specific field is either too short or too long. Saving your work is contingent upon meeting these requirements, known as Validation Rules.


    While it's possible to repurpose some content from a diploma for reuse in a certificate, it's not advisable to directly copy and paste extensive sections. This practice may have adverse effects on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and could lead to suboptimal course performance. If there are particular key points from a diploma that you wish to include in a certificate, it's recommended to rephrase and recontextualise them, avoiding duplicate content.

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