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How do I cancel my Premium Subscription?

    With Premium, there is no minimum term, so you can cancel anytime. If you cancel your subscription, you will still receive the benefits that you have paid for until the end of the current subscription month. On cancellation, you will receive an email confirming the date until which you can enjoy the Premium benefits.

    There are following options to cancel your subscription: through your Profile or by contacting Alison support at [email protected]
    To cancel your Premium subscription through your Alison Account, please follow the instructions below:

    Login to your Alison Account.

    • Go to your Account settings.

    • Select Cancel Premium Membership.

    Note: Cancellation of Premium for 1 Year will cease the cost of Subscription. Alison will keep the fee for each month of use up to date of cancellation; the learner will pay a fee which is equivalent to the Premium Monthly subscription cost.

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