Programming Using Python

Learn to program using Python Language and improve your coding skillset with this free online programming course.

Publisher: Sonar Systems
In this course, you will learn how to program using Python language. The course breaks down various features and functionalities applicable in Python and most of the other programming languages. And with the basics being covered first, you will be set with a solid foundation which the course material then builds upon, leaving you with a comprehensive understanding of programming, in general, and Python, specifically.
Programming Using Python
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Python provides limitless functionalities with varying applications. This course provides an in-depth look at programming with Python and also programming in general. A substantial part of the knowledge you acquire with this course is applicable in most of the other programming languages in use today. The course starts by giving you quick tutorials on how to get set up. Whether you are using Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, this course covers them all with instructional guides on how to get up and running with Python on your system. The course also details how to run Python online. After the introduction and set-up, the course then gets into the basics, covering Variables, Functions, Modules, and Loops. A whole host of Operators, their functionalities, and how to use them are covered as well. These include the Arithmetic, Assignment, and Logical Operators. The first module also provides demonstrative tutorials on Conditional Statements, Input and Output methods, and Exception Handling in Python.

The Python program setup and basics lessons are essential to acquiring a solid foundation that can then be built upon. After establishing that structure, the course shifts to more advanced functionalities like RegEx and CGI Programming, covering a multitude of subjects such as Advanced Expressions, and the Get and Post Methods. In between, learners are provided with detailed lessons on Classes and Objects, including Class Inheritance and the Initialization Method. The course also covers Databases, with lessons on setting up a Database and editing the information contained within it. And, the course lessons include tutorials on creating Networking Servers and Clients that connect to them as well. Multithreading is another topic that is covered within this course, with lessons on subjects including Thread Creation and Synchronization. The final course module details the GUI, covering various Widgets and Elements such as Text, Menu, and a Message Box. The methods for implementing these GUI Widgets and Elements within Python are demonstrated as well.

This course focuses on various subjects within the realm of programming and development. Some subjects are more specific to Python, but most of the material is applicable in programming as a whole. The lessons provided detail almost all aspects of programming that are currently in use throughout the world and in all types of applications. Each course lesson supplies ample explanation so that the information being covered gets absorbed in full. And, all of the tutorials include step-by-step guides that learners can apply on their own to get a further enhancement on their learning experience. A GitHub link to the source files from the course has been included for this purpose and can be found in the Course Resources Section. The detailed Assessments throughout the course and at its conclusion will test learner knowledge of the course material. Another advantage of this online course is that it is free. So enroll now and benefit from the comprehensive programming lessons that the course offers.

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