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Workplace Communication

Improve your communication and interpersonal skills, and increase workplace productivity in this free online course.

Publisher: TJ Walker
This free online workplace communication course will teach you how to communicate effectively in the workplace and how to build and maintain a positive work environment. You will be given tips on how to answer interview questions, speak up during meetings, how to give criticism in the workplace, speak assertively, ask for a raise, and give various forms of presentations such as team presentations, sales presentations and more.
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Workplace communication is the transfer or exchange of information between employees, managers and executives of an organization. Effective communication involves the accurate transfer of information from one person to another. Therefore, effective communication in the workplace is very essential to achieving the goals of any organization because among others, it creates accountability and avoids confusion. This communication skills training begins by exploring the strategies of answering interview questions and how to dress appropriately for an interview. Not speaking in meetings minimizes your impact and does not help you make an impression. For many people, this is due to a lack of confidence. This course will give you the skills and tools you need to speak up at meetings confidently anytime you want. Communication is not just about speaking but also involves listening to what is being said - you will be guided on how to deliver criticism and how to listen effectively in the workplace.

Assertive communication involves the expression of ideas and emotion in an open, firm and direct way. Being assertive helps you gain self-confidence and improve communication skills and you will be taken through exactly how to speak assertively in the workplace and publicly as well. Do you feel like you are being underpaid in your organization? Do you have plans to ask your boss for a raise but don’t know how to go about it? There is no doubt that asking for a raise from your boss or employer can sometimes be nerve-racking and uncomfortable. Asking for a raise at work requires the right timing and approach. This communication skills course will help you gain an understanding of the right time to appropriately ask for a raise as well as how to ask for it appropriately and the many techniques that will help you feel more confident and comfortable during the conversation.

Presenting information in a clear, concise and engaging manner is a vital skill in getting your messages across to audiences. Presentation skills are required in almost every field and at one point in time, you may find yourself giving presentations on occasions. The course content discovers the right way to give presentations that are understandable and memorable to your audience(s) along with the main forms of presentations and key presentation skills. This section allows you to give a team presentation, technology presentation, financial presentation, sales presentation and an investment pitch. Employers often seek listening skills, oral communication and public speaking when recruiting people and this course will teach you how to work on communication skills that provide a tangible advantage to you as well as any company that you may work at. Anyone in a team or business setting regardless of field, organization or skill level will be able to learn and apply the vast techniques and methods provided by this course, so enrol, refine your communication skills, and build a positive reputation for yourself with others.

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