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Windows 10 App Development - Navigation and Layout

Learn how to use layout controls and implement navigation in Visual Studio with this free online app development course.

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This free online Windows 10 app development course teaches you about app navigation and layout. You will study the layout controls used to create a simple hamburger style navigation in a Windows 10 application and the methods that can be used in Visual Studio used for navigation. You will look into the ScrollViewer and learn how it is used to allow users to scroll through applications to see additional content on the current page, and more!
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    1.5-3 Hours
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    Channel 9
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In this online course Windows 10 App Development - Layout and Navigation gain an overview of tools that can be used in Visual Studio to create suitable layouts and navigation for Windows 10 applications.

The course starts off with introducing the layout controls that you can use to implement a hamburger style navigation for the Windows 10 application you are creating. You will learn about RelativePanel and how it is used in Windows app creation. You will learn how SplitView helps in implementing hamburger style navigation. You will also learn about the navigation classes and methods used to display pages, pass data from pages and go through the history of visited pages.

Next, you will learn about common user input options that are used to create Windows 10 apps. You will learn the process of creating a hamburger style navigation system for your Windows 10 application.

In the last module, you will learn about the ScrollViewer and how it is used to allow users to scroll through apps for additional content on the current page. You will learn about the Canvas and how different shapes can be positioned in Windows 10 applications. You will learn how styles can be used to get common settings applied across many XAML controls on a single page or an entire application. You will learn about how you can utilize the preferred colors that Windows 10 users have chosen in the application you have created so that it fits in with their other applications.


This free course will be of great interest to developers and anyone who wants to know what is involved in creating layouts and navigation for Windows 10 applications. So, start this free online course today and in just 3 hours you’ll have gained some useful Windows 10 app development skills. 

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