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Visual Basic - Working with Classes, Scope and Namespaces

Learn how to use classes, scopes and namespaces in Microsoft Visual Basic, an event-driven programming language.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free video-based course teaches you about working with classes, scope, and namespaces in the Visual Basic (VB) programming language. Learn how VB helps developers create programs that act as front-ends for databases. Delve into VB’s classes and methods, the differences between them, and their functions. You will also learn about working with the .NET framework class library, an essential part of Visual Basic.
Visual Basic - Working with Classes, Scope and Namespaces
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    1.5-3 Hours
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The first module of this course will introduce you to the nature of classes and how to create an instance of a class. You will study methods, scopes and modifiers, and learn that the codes you write in your methods are defining the classes of your application. The course will then teach you the purpose of these features, which can help you add a more advanced look to your application for the end user.

Next, you will learn how to work with My Namespace, with files and folders on the computer, command line arguments into your command window application, and configuration files. The course will teach you how to change the default Namespace for your project, familiarise you with the .NET framework class library, and discuss the references associated with it. You will also study the difference between the debug and release versions of your application.

Visual Basic can help you build type-safe and object-oriented applications. It helps developers target Windows, Web and mobile devices with the benefit of security and language interoperability. This video-based Visual Basic course will show you how to use exciting sets of tools to build engaging and useful applications. So check out the course today, and learn the fast and easy way to create .NET framework-based applications.

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