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Video Game Development - Unreal Engine 4

Learn how to use Unreal Engine and grow from a beginner to making your own game with this free online course by Alison.

Publisher: Ivan Yosifov
Unreal Engine 4 is a very popular and widely used 3D game development engine around the world. This free online course is perfect for a complete beginner who wants to understand the application and make their first game. Step by step tutorials of the course are designed for a complete beginner and guide you with all the basic processes, tools and techniques of Unreal Engine required to create your own very first gaming project.
Video Game Development - Unreal Engine 4
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    1.5-3 Hours
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Unreal Engine is the first choice for game developers and animators around the globe to develop cutting edge games and animations. This free course by Alison is perfectly designed for a beginner who wants to develop a game of their own but lacks the basic knowledge and skills to start on their creative journey. The course is created in a very easy step by step approach to help you easily understand the basic and primary navigations, tools, commands and techniques of Unreal engine 4. The video tutorials are structured in a modular process to help you learn and comfortably get started with Unreal Engine for the very first time.

The course starts with showing you how to download Unreal engine from Epic launcher as a first step. The guided tutorials then teach you how to navigate around the user interface and help you begin your first project. You get to learn the very basic of functions like creating folders and organizing a scene, setting up and lighting a scene, importing and adding assets, creating levels, an environment and sequence, adding materials objects and characters, setting a  camera as well as other required tools and assets in a simple but effective way to help you create your first project in Unreal games.

This course is designed for an absolute beginner with no knowledge of Unreal engine but is passionate about developing and creating a game on their own. So if you are enthusiastic and excited to make your own game but lack even the basic skills, then join this course. Completing this course will give you the skills necessary to translate your ideas into a basic playable game without writing even a single line of code.  Get up and get going in the design and creation of your own first game fast and quick.

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