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VBA for Beginners

Discover how to use VBA to automate repetitive tasks in Microsoft Office with this free online VBA for Beginners course.

Publisher: SimonSezIT
This free online VBA for Beginners course introduces you to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which is a scripting language for Microsoft Office applications such as Excel. VBA is a great tool for automating repetitive tasks that you perform frequently by using programmed macro functionality. You will learn how to write functions and subroutines using the main components of the Excel object library, and a whole lot more!
VBA for Beginners
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This free online course is designed for individuals and professionals who are new to VBA and who are seeking practical ways to automate tasks in Microsoft Excel that are performed frequently. Through 4 hours of video lectures, exercise files, and assessment, you will learn the essential skills needed to create powerful macros using VBA for Excel.

The course begins by showing you how to use the VBA editor, as well as VBA syntax, keywords, and comments. You will also learn how to define and make Macros and Subroutines, along with logical constructs and loops for checking conditions, events, and automatically perform actions as a result of those conditions and events.

This course will be of great interest to those looking to learn about the advanced features of Excel, or those who are looking to automate repetitive tasks in Microsoft Office applications. So, why wait? Start learning key VBA programming skills that can help increase your productivity today!

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