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Understanding the English Romantic Period

This free online course on English literature of the Romantic period, discusses poetry and fiction of the Romantic era.

Publisher: NPTEL
Take a close look at the novels and poetry written during the Romantic period in England that spanned the late 1790s to the 1850s, and learn what critics have to say about these influential pieces of literature and their authors. You will examine a variety of genres – like historical, gothic and women’s fiction - and cover eminent figures like William Wordsworth and William Blake in this free online course on English literature.
Understanding the English Romantic Period
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This free online course on English literature of the Romantic period allows you to take a closer look at the seminal fiction and poetry written during that period and learn what literary critics have to say about them and their creators. You will examine different genres of Romantic fiction, particularly the historical, the gothic and the woman's novel, and delve into the minds of the writers to understand their views on literature, society and politics. You will also learn about the literature of ‘sensibility’ and ‘passion’ with specific reference to prominent poets such as William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Blake.

This course will give you insights into the English Romantics' interest in Nature and a certain kind of environmentalism and eco-consciousness found in their poems. You will explore the works of several notable poets on the theme of Nature and the environment, and find out about the commonalities and dissimilarities in their relationships with the natural world. Learn about the literary criticisms of the works of prominent authors and poets of the era and gain a deeper understanding of the overall Romantic period.

This course will be useful to all those who are interested in English literature, its history or in the Romantic period in England itself. Students who wish to pursue a career in English literature and literary criticism will find this course especially valuable. Start it now and enrich your knowledge of one of the most influential periods of British literature and history.

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