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Understanding Market Demand, Branding and Communications

Get the bigger picture about products, pricing, branding and marketing communications in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
How does the prevailing market demand influence the products that are sold and their prices? What are the different pricing strategies available to marketers and how can strong branding be built up with effective communications? This free online course covers the fundamentals of product selection, pricing models, branding and corporate communications.
Understanding Market Demand, Branding and Communications
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    3-4 Hours
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This free online course will teach you about the fundamentals of products, pricing and the basics of consistent brand communication. It begins by looking firstly at market demand and expands into how this very important factor influences products and their prices. It continues by looking at the ‘product mix’ and further explains this in the context of a company.

Next, the material looks at different pricing and positioning strategies, and the product life cycle, which will influence the sales of the product and how it is marketed, which in turn can also have an impact on a company’s overall investment strategy.

Finally, the course covers aspects of branding and communication, and the importance of creating a strong, memorable brand. You will look at different channels, such as advertising, to use in order to effectively communicate the brand's message to consumers. This course will interest those in starting out in marketing, human resource management or any other area of communications like public relations or advertising. Start this course now and gain an understanding of market demand and brand communication today.

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