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Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication in International Business

Learn more about cross-cultural communication in an international setting with this cross cultural communication course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Cross-Cultural Communication course will teach you how to bridge cultural communication gaps. Communication is a complex interactive process and involves shared assumptions and unspoken agreements between individuals. This course delves into the causes of gaps and misunderstandings when dealing with the intercultural communication that forms a part of many important business processes.
Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication in International Business
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This course will first discuss intercultural communication, prejudice, and ethnocentrism. You will study the characteristics that define a culture and learn that ethnocentric tendencies, stereotyping, and assumptions of similarity can make it difficult to learn about cultural differences. The course will also discuss the points of divergence across cultures, how various styles of management including Theory X, Y, and Z influence workplace culture, and how to prepare for living and working abroad.

You will then study the five basic factors that affect cross-cultural communication. You will learn that, apart from language and space, food can be a major barrier to cross-cultural communication because food is an integral part of a culture. The course will then discuss the context where cross/intercultural communication occurs, the five dimensions of cultural variability, individualism and collectivism, and tips to better adapt in a new culture.

People invariably face challenges to adapt to new cultures and different practices, but ethnocentrism is a major obstacle to intercultural communication. This course will teach you how to overcome that obstacle and equip you with important knowledge of how cross-cultural communication works. This will greatly help you to become a globally demanded professional. So, check out the course today, and start developing the ability to communicate with more people from different backgrounds effectively.

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