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Transport Management in the UK: Challenges, Health and Safety

This free transport management course outlines transport challenges faced in the industry and health and safety issues.

Publisher: CourseFlix
This free online transport management training course examines strategies for best practices, trends, and challenges facing the transport industry. Next, it analyses the key performance indicators and examines the importance of health and safety, both general and industry-specific. By the end of the course you will understand the roles and responsibilities of transport management in these areas, so don’t delay, start learning today.
Transport Management in the UK: Challenges, Health and Safety
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Firstly, this free online transport management course will explain current trends and developments in the transport industry, the problems facing transport systems infrastructure, and the strategies that should be implemented to solve these problems. It will also explain the systems that are available for achieving best practice and explore setting Key Performance Indicators.

Secondly, you will learn the importance of health and safety in the transport industry and the responsibility of the transport system manager in ensuring standards are met. The course will also examine the organisations involved with health and safety, the basics of transport safety and health requirements and industry-specific health and safety requirements.

Finally, by the end of the transport safety course, you will have a strong understanding of what role transport management plays in facing challenges and following health and safety guidelines. You will also be ready to take your next steps should you be interested in pursuing transport management as a career path. So don't delay, start your learning now.

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