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Toyota: Learning and Manufacturing in Organizations

Discover how to become a learning organization and types of manufacturing methodologies with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online organizational learning course you'll learn how majority decisions are made using consensus in the Toyota organization. The course explains how Toyota has become a leader in the area of organizational learning. Start the course today and learn about the relationship between the Lean manufacturing process and the Agile manufacturing process, and how they are used situationally in the Toyota organization.
Toyota: Learning and Manufacturing in Organizations
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This free online course explains how Toyota as an organization makes decision through the use of consensus. The course explains the ways a typical American company will approach a project and how Toyota will. You will learn how continuously solving root problems helps a company in becoming a learning organization. The course also highlights the differences between the traditional business environment and the present business environment. 

Next, you will be introduced to how young engineers solve problems in Toyota You will learn about the role of stakeholders in the Toyota decision making process, considerations on alternative decisons in Toyota, performance management and how the Toyota way can be implemented in all kinds of organizations.

The course explains why manufacturers are always under tremendous pressure to improve productivity and quality while reducing cost, and how sustainability is an important aspect of manu. Start the course today and learn how lean manufacturing focuses on waste minimization and value maximization, and how agile manufacturing aid manufacturing operations by focusing on personalized customer products.

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