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Top 25 Excel Formulas

Master Excel’s formulas and advanced functions to create better reports with this free online MS Excel course.

Publisher: Stone River eLearning
Improve your ability to analyze numerical data with this free online Excel course that teaches you how to use this Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS spreadsheet program. This Excel tutorial will teach you how to use the logical, financial, text, lookup and reference functions along with how to track changes, modify templates, macros and external data sources. This course allows you to get the most out of this powerful program in a practical way.
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Microsoft Excel organizes your data and saves you time by using its built-in functions to make calculations and create charts and graphs. This free online Excel course provides a hands-on tutorial on how to use twenty-five advanced functions in the following categories: logical, functional, text, lookup and reference. What are the ‘logical’ functions in Excel? What Excel functions are used in accounting? What is the use of the ‘lookup’ function? Our step-by-step explanation will introduce you to each function and its arguments and syntax as we explain how and where to use each formula. This course demonstrates the role of ‘logical’ functions in decision-making, whether you’re comparing marks scored by students or deciding who gets a sales bonus.

We then move on to some key financial functions that can execute a variety of calculations and are commonly used in business and even in our personal lives and these functions are taught step-by-step. The second module of the course begins with the explanation of the ‘text’ and ‘concatenation’ functions. How do you use the ‘text’ functions in Excel? Is it possible to join the text of two or more cells in Excel? Working with arrays of data can be time-consuming and make one prone to mistakes, and the content on ‘lookup’ and ‘reference’ functions will teach you how to use ‘vlookup’ and ‘hlookup’ to automatically perform tasks to save time and avoid errors. It also provides practical training on how to meaningfully compare rows and columns in a spreadsheet.

This Excel tutorial helps you to track changes in Excel while you modify templates, macros and external data sources. We take you through the general features of Excel to add advanced skills skill-set as Excel skills are highly valued in any environment where you are working with large data sets. Spreadsheets are a staple tool of many fields, from business to education and science and beyond, and improving your Excel skills by enrolling in this Top 25 Excel Formulas course can launch your career to new heights.

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