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Tools for Working from Home: Google Apps, Trello & Zoom

Learn to maximize your capabilities by using the google system and zoom to its full capacity in this free online course.

Publisher: Start-Tech Academy
This free online course, Tools for Working from Home: Google Apps, Trello & Zoom, will maximize the capacity and quality of your work from home by learning the google system. This includes Google Drive, Docs, Slides and Sheets. You will accompany this knowledge with the basics of the Trello and the Zoom platform as well as utilizing Excel. This course is for those wanting to bring their work to the next level in both quality and presentation.
Tools for Working from Home: Google Apps, Trello & Zoom
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If you are looking for a course to increase your productivity and general efficiency while you or your team are working remotely, this is the right course for you. The complete course on Working from Home teaches you about the different free tools available to you to increase effective communication, management, and general productivity for both yourself and your team. The course will allow you and your company an effective method for synchronizing your work and allow you to share your progress easily. This course will focus on seven different tools and platforms to guide you. It will begin with Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud storage platform that keeps your files in one secure and centralized area. You will be able to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and other digital information with the members of your team. Which in turn, allows for a network that can be used in managing individuals and their progress.

Following on, the course will continue onto the main Google Apps. This includes Docs, Slides and Sheets. Google Docs is a word processor included as part of free, web-based software offered by Google in its Google Drive services. You can use Docs as a means for essays, report writing, written assignments and more. Most importantly is the accessibility. You do not have to save the documents as the app does this automatically, and you can access your work on any device as it is stored in the cloud. Google Slides and Google Sheets have the same accessibility as Docs, but are quite different programs. Google Slides is a presentation program also within the Drive services and is used best for presentations and explanations needing multiple slides. Lastly, Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program with a diverse range of uses from graphing, tables and information datasheets. It is considered a modern-day version of MS Excel.

The course will then cover two different platforms, both with unique functionalities but both equally as important to improve your working life. Trello, a simple project management application is built around the notion of bulletin boards. Each board can present a project and a team that can be assigned alongside it. Zoom is an increasingly popular choice as an advanced and better application business tool than others in the same field. Zoom is used in the workplace for virtual meetings, especially for a remote workforce. It can have up to 500 participants and has many supported add on features. Finally, you will analyse the Excel platform and the formula operations needed to properly utilize the program. You will study the mathematical, textual, logical, date-time and lookup formulas and their particular uses. So why wait? With such a developing and proactive course that will allow you to produce more direct results, start the free online course today!

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