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Thermal Processing of Foods: Aseptic and Novel Food Processing Technology

Learn about packaging of food products using novel technologies in this free online course on food technology.

Publisher: NPTEL
In this free online course you will learn how aseptic processing is used in packaging food products using the sterilization technique in order to extend the storage life and improve the quality of the food products. Start the course and learn about how novel food processing technologies such as high pressure processing are used in providing high quality and healthy food products.
Thermal Processing of Foods: Aseptic and Novel Food Processing Technology
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This free online course starts by explaining the fundamental aspects of aseptic processing including the processing and packaging of sterlized products into sterilized containers and ensuring no access to micro-organims growth in the packaged products. You will learn about the main products of aseptic processing, and what type of packages are suitable for aseptic processing. 

The course further explains how microwave and radio frequency heating is a suitable technology used for food processing due to its very high heat penetration. You will be introduced to early usage of microwave heating technology and how it has been developed over the years and applied to food processing. You will also learn about the mechanims behind microwave and radio frequency heating.

Finally, you will learn about ohmic heat and how it can be used in achieving tremendous results in providing high quality food. You will learn how the various heat transfer mechanisms are directly used for heating food products. You will be able to determine the relationship between temperature and electrical conductivity and how ohmic heating can be used for blanching and pasteurization. Start the course and learn about packaging of food products using novel technologies.

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