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The Principles of Innovation in Business

Hone your creativity and learn the skills and tools for innovating products and services in this free online course.

Publisher: Ross Maynard
The ever-changing global trends are making it imperative for organizations to change the way they do things and what they offer in order to survive, thrive, and stay ahead of the competition. This business innovation course will discuss the key areas businesses need to focus on and innovate. As an employee or manager, you will learn practical steps which you can implement immediately in order to improve innovation in your business.
The Principles of Innovation in Business
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The Principles of Innovation in Business is a free online course for employees, managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone providing products and services seeking to remain relevant in the near future and beyond. You will learn valuable skills and tools to start innovating or improve innovation schemes in your organization. This innovation online course will start by discussing why organizations need to innovate. A McKinsey study shows that three billion more consumers will be economically active by 2030, and as devices are becoming increasingly connected (the Internet of Things/IoT), and the pace of technology change is faster than ever, we seem to be on the verge of another industrial revolution which could be a threat or an opportunity for any organization.

Innovation simply put is to 'make changes in something established especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products' - according to the Oxford English Dictionary. We can also agree that it means 'doing things better and doing better things'. This creativity and innovation course will explore and show you the four main areas to focus on for innovation in your organization - products and services, business processes, workplace practices, and business model. Next, you will be introduced to the four-step model to boost innovation. Having identified the areas where you need to innovate, you will then move on to form an innovation team and start fact-finding where you will generate ideas for innovation and then test these ideas to select the best.

The last section of this innovation in business course, will teach you about 'thinking outside the box' - this concept is simply thinking about what you could do that is radically different, and the structure provided in the course will help you examine aspects of your business from different angles so as to create a greater range of ideas for consideration. A practice test and practice project are provided as well so that you can test your knowledge and begin to put to use the skills and tools learned in the lessons. If you are interested in innovation for business survival and success then you should enrol in this creative course and unlock your ideas to set yourself and your business up to be future-fit.

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