The Gothic Novel Parody

In this free online course, learn how ‘Northanger Abbey’ is referred to as a Gothic parody based on satirizing the forms

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This free online course discusses Gothic Parody through the novel ‘Northanger Abbey’ authored by Jane Austen. You will learn about the plot, Gothic terrors, the notion of Gothic reading and parodying the Gothic villain. The excesses, stereotypes, and frequent absurdities of the traditional Gothic made it rich territory for satire. The satirization of the forms and conventions of Gothic novels, popular at the time, will be discussed in detail.
The Gothic Novel Parody
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This free online course presents how Jane Austen satirizes Gothic Parody due to a huge obsession with gothic novels in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. You will learn about the plot of ‘Northanger Abbey’ and the Education of Catherine Morland that happens through her gothic experiences. This course is arranged systematically and presented clearly so you will easily be able to understand the given concepts.

Next, the course will cover the notion of Gothic reading, the sparks of philosophy and, Mentor Figures pertaining to ‘Northanger Abbey’. The course then goes on to explain about Gothic parody, the ‘Female Gothic’ and Despotism in general. The course emphasizes how ‘Northanger Abbey’ evokes and plays with Gothic tropes and conventions, and it alludes to other Gothic novels. 

Finally, you will learn about parodying the Gothic Villain and the various characteristics that represent a Gothic Villain. The Gothic Novel Parody is an informative course which will interest students of English Literature, Researchers in Gothic Studies or those who have an interest in these topics. Why wait? Sign up for this course and start learning today!

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