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The Essentials of Leadership for Career Development

Learn the essential leadership principles, values and skill sets for career development in this free online course.

Publisher: Andrew LeMasters
Have you ever wondered what makes a great leader? What do you need to focus on in order to refine your leadership style? In this free online leadership course, learn how leaders can identify the traits of employees to ensure smooth communication, how to tailor your leadership style to fit any circumstances, the importance of rapport, motivation, persuasion, and stress management as well as what effective leadership looks like at all levels.
The Essentials of Leadership for Career Development
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Leadership is all about creating an enabling environment. Naturally, the kind of environment created is determined by the leader. In this free online leadership training, you will study the seven-step process for effective leadership, as well as the systems for communicating effortlessly with your team. You will be shown how you can develop your ability to inspire people, and be adaptable in any circumstances. Leadership is almost like a puzzle; you have to figure out the pieces in order to create the big picture. As such, you will learn about the four characteristics of a successful leader. The DISC (Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive and Cautious) model, developed by Dr. William Marston (a Harvard psychologist), for understanding and relating with people of different traits will be discussed along with the key concepts of effective time management and leadership decision-making. The outcomes of leadership require understanding and building relationships with the members of your team and this section of the leadership certificate will allow you to understand the system for building cordial relationships between leaders and followers.

The following piece of content focuses on how to build a circle of trust with others before moving on to studying the various styles of leadership, and how to apply them to your values and ability to coordinate people. Assessing people according to their strengths and weaknesses, the effects of using the wrong media for personality assessments and how to apply the After Action Review (AAR) technique for self-development are discussed. Interacting with people and connecting with them is the next topic and included in this part of the leadership certification explores the key concepts for building and maintaining rapport, the various ways by which rapport can be ruined, how to create bridges of opportunities from every encounter, and persuasion techniques. Stress management is the next topic and the sources of stress and steps taken to cope with stress will be analyzed including the six main stressors that people face in their daily activities.

As a leader, you will inevitably have to manage certain projects and the principles and processes of project management, why projects tend to fail, five phases of project management, and specifically how the Decisions, Authority, Needs, Connections, and Energy (D.A.N.C.E) method in stakeholder management will be explained in detail. Other key topics in the project management discussion delves into some more technical aspects such as the four types of dependencies that exist during project implementation, the two phases where challenges in a project schedule usually occur, and specific tasks that directly influence and speed-up goal completion. Anyone who has leadership responsibilities or aspiring leaders will gain a lot of practical insights from this leadership training program to improve how they interact with and lead their teams. You should also strongly consider enrolling in this course if you are in entrepreneurship, business ownership, project management or if you need to execute your function/role through other people and colleagues, and want to improve your interpersonal skills.

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