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The Basics of Decision Formulas

Learn powerful formulas and to use Excel's built-in functions to calculate & solve problems in this free online course

Publisher: Jordan Goldmeier
How much time would you save if you could look up and track all of your key indicators in one place? If you are grappling with this question, look no further than this free online course. We will explain the process of using Microsoft Excel to visualize data, using formulas that deliver real-time analysis and insights. We will also show you how to apply advanced formulas in Excel to create powerful dashboards for taking meaningful decisions.
The Basics of Decision Formulas
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Formulas are mathematical expressions that can execute computations, return data, modify the contents of other cells, test conditions, and more. When using formulas to solve problems, you can use a comprehensive range of razor-sharp instruments available on programs like MS Excel. Mastering Excel formulas can require years of trial and error, advice from colleagues and online resources. It's a long process with erratic results. This course will give you a headstart by showing you how to interpret and use Excel formulae and functions to visualize trends, insights, and correlations. This course places emphasis on the importance of thinking differently about problems, which are usually taught in Excel through repetition. You will comprehend the need to start thinking differently about challenges if you'd like to build fantastic formals and solutions in Excel.

The next section of the course covers the most common criticisms about the need to follow unique approaches to Excel. We will explain why moving away from the old and obsolete manner of using Excel towards new improvised techniques for dealing with various types of problems is crucial. Once we have done this, we'll show you how to use the camera tool in Microsoft Excel. Next, we'll explore adding photos of Excel tables, charts, ranges, and single cells to your dashboard using the tool. The following section describes the guiding concepts for creating dashboards and data visualizations in Excel. We will show you how transparency, developing memory, and efficacy can help you think in new ways. Additionally, we will present the rules and calculating procedure of Excel using preset settings. You will also study a range of techniques and tactics for working more successfully and efficiently with formulas.

The final section of this course explains how Excel uses a calculation engine to integrate multiple inputs to execute calculations on a spreadsheet. We will explain how Excel goes through all of your functions and dependencies and how they interact and form the calculation chain. Additionally, we'll provide tips and tricks for writing better formulas. We will equip you with methods to search for a specific value in a column to return a value from a different column in the same row using the Vertical Lookup (VLOOKUP) function. Lastly, we will take you through the method for doing numerous calculations on one or more array objects. 'The Basics of Decision Formulas'; is an informative course that illustrates the essential ideas of performing significant calculations and enlightens you on the methods of showing and exploring data. Sign up now if you'd like to take your decision-making skills to the next level!

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