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Teach2030 Head Teacher Training Course

Discover the roles and responsibilities of Teach 2030 head teachers in this free online head teacher training course.

Publisher: Commonwealth Education Trust
This free online Teach2030 head teacher training course will teach you about the structures and responsibilities that are required to support Teach2030 in your school. You will learn the importance of appointing a member of staff to take the role of Teach2030 coach in your school as well as supporting teacher participation in Teach2030. You will also learn when Teach2030 should take place in the school timetable, and more!
Teach2030 Head Teacher Training Course
  • Duration

    1.5-3 Hours
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The Commonwealth Education Trust has created the teacher professional development programme Teach2030. Our high quality materials enable teachers to reflect on classroom practice, teach more effectively, show them how to continue to develop their skills and improve learning outcomes for all their pupils.

The course begins by helping you explore the structure of a Teach2030 course. You'll learn how to determine the key responsibilities that are required for the Teach2030 facilitator role. The course also shows you the planning needed to support the head teacher with their initial training course and timetabling CPD. You'll also learn the most effective way(s) to communicate with and provide ongoing support to head teacher and Teach2030 Coach.

This course is for all Teach2030 head teachers to ensure you are ready for the implementation of the Teach2030 into your school. So start this course today and it will help you fully understand how the Teach2030 model and programme works, and the important role you play in its success.

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