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Sustainable Business - Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Products and Services

Learn how a business can conduct more sustainable marketing by promoting products and services that meet consumer needs.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online sustainable business course will teach you how to effectively market your sustainable products and services. Sustainable businesses need effective marketing strategies. Whether advertising an eco-friendly product, methods for reducing environmental impact, or information that promotes social consciousness, your marketing should clearly communicate the benefit you bring to both your customers and to society as a whole.
Sustainable Business - Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Products and Services
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This course first introduces you to sustainable marketing and how it differs from traditional marketing. It then continues to discuss what is involved in creating a sustainable marketing strategy for a business, guiding you through the main methods for creating a strong sustainability marketing strategy. The course will then define the 4 P's in the marketing mix, which are product, price, place of distribution, and promotion, and show how these relate to sustainability.

You will then learn how market segmentation, an important factor to consider for optimizing marketing budget, can be used in sustainable marketing. The course will cover different marketing tools used to help promote products and services. It will also teach you about market barriers that need to be considered and addressed by sustainability marketers in order to better position their products and services for growth. Finally, you will discuss the risks associated with sustainability marketing.

Marketing is all about selling your product, and knowing the basics about how and where to promote your product can give you a real edge over your competitors. This Sustainable Business - Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Products and Services course will show business professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs how a business can successfully market sustainable products and services, and consequently help ensure a better quality of life now and for the future generation. You can start gaining this knowledge, today.

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