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Sustainable Business - Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Learn how entrepreneurship and innovation can help establish a sustainable business, with this free online course.

Publisher: Saylor Academy
This free online Sustainable Business course focuses on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Opening a new restaurant is not necessarily an entrepreneurial venture, rather than just a new venture. To be truly entrepreneurial, you need to come up with a new model of profitable and sustainable business. With this course, you will learn that in an entrepreneurial venture, improved solutions are applied to better satisfy consumer needs.
Sustainable Business - Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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Becoming an innovative entrepreneur is highly relevant to sustainable business ventures, so this course kicks-off by teaching you how a few methods commonly used to become a successful entrepreneur. It then proceeds to discuss entrepreneurial opportunities and possible sources of funds for the business. You will also learn about the role of entrepreneurship, its different types, and how they can relate to business sustainability. The course will then explain the role of innovation in sustainable businesses.

Innovation and Technology often refer to newness, modernism, and a break with tradition. This course will discuss the relationships between these concepts and their usefulness for business sustainability. It will then teach you how important it is to create new relationships and contacts when running a business. You will then study a company founded by Andrew Kellar - named Simply Green Biofuels - its beginnings, the challenges it faced, and the success it achieved. This case study will give you a stronger understanding of how sustainability is linked with entrepreneurship.

An innovative entrepreneur is someone who establishes a business that makes a difference. This course will be of great interest to those business professionals and entrepreneurs who would like to learn how being innovative can make their business sustainable, while at the same time benefiting both the economy and society as well. This is powerful and practical knowledge, which you can gain in just a few short hours of study. So why wait? Start your next learning journey, today.

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