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Supervising Others

Learn about how to become an effective supervisor and efficient decision making with this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This free online supervision course will teach you the process of supervision and cover the four steps of setting expectations, setting goals, and assigning work. You will look into the degrees of delegation, how they are implemented, the types of feedback and how to provide them, and various conflict resolution methods. Finally, you will learn how best to manage your time for maximum productivity, and a whole lot more!
Supervising Others
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This course, Supervising Others, will provide you with the best way of understanding the intricacies of supervising new employees. You will learn about setting expectations for those working under your supervision. You will be able to explain what is expected of the team you are supervising so everyone understands. You will also learn about setting goals to use as milestones along the path to long term success.

This course then explains the process of assigning work to others. You will learn about the various degrees of delegation. You will also learn about how to implement the delegation of tasks. Delegating tasks is a crucial tool for supervising others.

This course then wraps up by explaining how to provide feedback. You will learn the best ways to provide feedback to team members in regard to their performance reviews in a professional way. By taking this course you will learn how to best manage your time, resolve conflict when conflict arises, as well as tips for special situations. This course will finish with tips for creating a survival guide for the new supervisor. So why wait? Start learning today.

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