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Strand 4 Leaving Certificate Higher Level Algebra

Enhance your mathematical knowledge from Algebra to Numbers

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Algebra course will help any student studying project maths in their Leaving Certificate. The course will be an assist to anyone studying maths in this topic area. Algebra makes up for much of Paper 2, being seen throughout other topics in the Project Maths Course. By completing this free Algebra course, you will have covered all of the essential concepts of the topic. You will be all the more prepared for your exam.
Strand 4 Leaving Certificate Higher Level Algebra
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    6-10 Hours
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Algebra is the natural language and the lifeblood of Mathematics and perfectly links between number, trigonometry, geometry and functions. It would be impossible to solve or even formulate real-world problems without algebraic notation.

Firstly, students are introduced to representing numbers with letters and then they move on to look at how to convert problems into equations which can be solved by various well-known techniques in algebra.

Students are taught how to solve quadratic, cubic and simultaneous equations and then they expand their knowledge to the solutions of inequalities. Using trial and error to search for roots and using synthetic division is covered in this strand.

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