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Strand 4 Junior Certificate Ordinary Level Algebra

Learn how to factorize, use the discriminant, and solve equations and linear inequalities with this algebra course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Junior Certificate course teaches you Ordinary Level Algebra. Algebra is the lifeblood and the natural language of mathematics and provides a perfect link between numbers, geometry, trigonometry, and functions. This course will teach you how to rearrange simple math formulae, factorize, use the discriminant, solve simultaneous equations graphically, linear inequalities with fractions, and more. Start learning, today!
Strand 4 Junior Certificate Ordinary Level Algebra
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Algebra is one of the broad parts of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations. This course begins by teaching you how to rearrange a simple formula. You will learn how to expand any two brackets as well as factorize quadratics and the difference of two squares. You will also look into quadratic equations that have brackets of the same and different signs.

In a quadratic equation, the discriminant helps you find the number of solutions to solve the equation. This course will teach you how to use a discriminant. You will look into equations with indices and learn how to solve simultaneous equations with both negative signs, with both positive signs, and with a negative and a positive sign. You will also learn how to solve linear inequalities of fractions that have different denominators.

Knowing how to solve algebraic notation can help you analyze real-world problems. Upon the completion of this course, you will learn how to represent numbers with letters, convert problems into algebraic equations, and solve simultaneous, quadratic and cubic equations. You will also gain a deeper understanding of how to solve inequalities, search for roots by trial and error, and use synthetic division. Check out the course and start enhancing your skills in algebra today! 

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