Strand 3 Junior Certificate Ordinary Level Numbers and Shapes

Gain better understanding of complex numbers and learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Junior Certificate course teaches you Ordinary Level Numbers and Shapes. The concepts of numbers and number patterns are the basic building blocks of arithmetic and algebra. In this free online course, you will study large numbers and decimals, indices, profit, markup, and margin. This course will also cover simple and compound interest, show you how to find the area of different shapes, and more.
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This course will first introduce you to the proper method of changing decimals, small numbers, and large numbers to standard form. You will study how to work with indices and all types of positive and negative fractional indices. You will learn how to compute for profit, markup, and margin, as well as study interest, rate, principal, and period. You will also touch on the topic of percentage loss, percentage changes using multipliers, reverse percentages, VAT, and compound interest.

You will then study the circumference of a triangle and the area of a circle. This course will also teach you how to find the radius and diameter of a circle from its perimeter as well as from its area. You will learn how to find the area of a trapezium, acute-angled triangle, obtuse-angled triangle, rectangle, and parallelogram. In addition, you will be taught how to find the area of a compound rectangle.

Numbers are so important in our everyday lives. Upon the completion of this course, you will have a much better understanding of complex numbers as well as understand how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them. You will also find it much easier to measure the perimeter and area of various shapes such as triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and circles. Check out the course and learn more about the concept of complex numbers today!

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