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Strand 1 Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Probability and Statistics - Revised

Probability and statistics are covered by Project Maths of the Irish curriculum but this course is open to all.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online maths course teaches you Ordinary Level probability and statistics. This course covers up to half of Paper 2 in the Irish Leaving Certificate. All of the content is reviewed with an assessment to help prepare you for the examination.
Strand 1 Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Probability and Statistics - Revised
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Statistics can be very useful for making sense of the information around us and how it might affect us. Statistics looks at the cycle of data handling and the collection of analysed data. This involves a question, a collection of data on that question, a presentation of that data and an analysis of the data (using spread and centre) and interpreting the results. In answering questions, it is important to contextualise findings in order to justify them.

Probability looks at the likelihood of any event(s) happening. The information can help to make decisions. The uses of probability can be seen in the world of sport, insurance and finance among others. Probability can be used to examine how fair an event or series of events might be. It can be evaluated in different ways such as using a diagram or a rule-based approach.

This course attempts to combine the theoretical aspects of probability and statistics with some real-life applications. Although it is based on the Irish maths curriculum and is designed to help prepare pupils for the Strand 1 Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate, it is a good primer for anyone wanting to learn the basics of probability and stats at their own pace.

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