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Strand 1 Leaving Certificate Higher Level Probability and Statistics

Improve your understanding of Probability and Statistics in this free online Project Maths Leaving Certificate course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online probability and statistics course will be a massive help to any student studying maths in their Leaving Cert. And, indeed, will be a helpful guide for anyone studying maths in this area. 'Probability and Statistics' is the first of two strands introduced in paper 2 of the new Project Maths Course in the Irish curriculum. This topic covers up to half of the new Leaving Certificate Paper.
Strand 1 Leaving Certificate Higher Level Probability and Statistics
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Statistics are constantly used in real life to organize the information around us and to determine how it might affect us. Statistics looks at the analysis of the data collected and the data handling cycle. This involves posing a question, collecting data on the response, presenting the data, analysing that data (using measures of centre and spread) and interpreting the results. In answering questions, it is very important that you can justify your findings with context.

Probability is concerned with chance, how likely it is that an event will occur. The information can be used to instruct your decisions.
Probability is constantly utilised in the world of insurance, finance and sport among many other fields. Probability can also be used to determine the fairness of a series of events or just a single event. It can be presented using a rule-based approach or diagrams.

Combining the abilities of both fields, Probability and Statistics, can be used to prove/disprove a given statement or conjecture (Hypothesis Testing (HL only)). The aim of this Strand is to merge the mathematical aspects of Probability and Statistics with examples of real-life application. It is a very interesting topic that is accessible to all students.

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