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Starting a Business or Social Enterprise - The Stone Soup Way

Learn valuable skills for setting up your own business with this free online starting your own business course.

Publisher: Bill Liao
This free online course in starting a business or social enterprise will teach you how to set up your business the Stone Soup Way. To be successful in any pursuit, you must have a passion for it. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, particularly those who work towards creating social change. On top of their passion, however, every successful entrepreneur needs effective training and access to key business skills and knowledge.
Starting a Business or Social Enterprise - The Stone Soup Way
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This course will give you an overview of business entrepreneurship and social enterprise skills that will really aid your decision-making. You will learn effective team-building techniques and study the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. The course will also teach you how to deal with times of crisis or handle change within a business. You will also learn the most important qualities that you need to acquire in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

You will then study Bill Liao's book: "Stone Soup - The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing" and go through the 26 ingredients needed to help you set up a new venture, particularly one with a social aspect. You will study the profile of this successful entrepreneur and venture founder, and discover how to bring out the flavor of your business using his tested ingredients.

Starting out a new venture or project is always exciting. With this free online business course, you will learn the right procedures you need to follow in order to make your business a success, along with valuable skills for identifying and using positive energy and avoiding negative energy. So, check out this course today, and get ready to go full blast into your new business venture!

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