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Starting a Business or Social Enterprise - The Stone Soup Way - Revised 2017

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Starting a Business or Social Enterprise - The Stone Soup Way - Revised 2017
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  • An insightful entrepreneurship course which takes as its inspiration Bill Liao's book: "Stone Soup - The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing". The course takes you through the 26 ingredients needed to help you set up as new venture, particularly one with a social aspect. This course not only brings you a flavour of the book, it also provides a profile of the successful entrepreneur/venture founder.

    It will also help you deal with times of crisis or change within a business by helping you understand how to identify and use positive energy as well as recognising negative energy within your team.

    This course will be of interest to any body starting out on a new venture or project, be it a for profit enterprise or a community development.

  • You will be assessed on the following Learning Outcomes:

    • Describe key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
    • Explain the role of catalysts in a team
    • Identify key types of communication useful in starting an enterprise
    • List the characteristics of people who negatively impact morale and productivity
    • Explain the importance of trust in an enterprise
    • Outline the role of risk in a new enterprise
    • Discuss the components the make change easier
    • Explain the role of goals and the need for the to be flexible

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