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SQL Server 2014: Tour and Installing

Learn about the components, editions, management tools and installation of SQL Server 2014 in this free course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
‘SQL Server 2014: Tour and Installing’ is a free online course from Alison for database administrators to gain an understanding of Microsoft’s relational database management system. Learners who take this course will gain vital proficiency in the installation of SQL Server 2014, its management tools as well as the features of SQL Server Management Studio. Register for this course today and enhance your database management skills.
SQL Server 2014: Tour and Installing
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When you think of databases, you visualize the numerous collections of information created to make the management of data simpler and accessible. This course will take you on a tour of Microsoft SQL Server 2014, a relational database management system, including the installation process. The course provides an overview of SQL Server 2014 together with the SQL Server as a tool for information management. You will be introduced to the server components, editions, management tools and content of the feature pack. Learn about the features and application of SQL Server Management Studio along with the step-by-step procedures of running it and the functionality of objects, including the installation of sample databases. You will explore objects at the instance and database levels as well as the connection of servers to Management Studio. You will determine the process of object search and the functions of the Activity Monitor tool. Study the uses of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) along with Transact-SQL design capabilities in maintaining databases. 

Furthermore, you will identify the requirements for installing the SSDT and the technologies supported by this toolset. Get to grips with the modern step-by-step procedures of setting primary keys, editing data types, using schemas and an array of other activities. The modes of connection in addition to the flexibility of the data tool will also be covered extensively in this course. Have you ever wondered how to snapshot a project? This course provides in-depth coverage of project snapshotting along with the procedures of working with data tools in disconnected mode. Study the necessity of tables, queries and views, including the application of these elements in a database. Learn the step-by-step method of creating, editing and querying tables along with the performance of views. By taking this course, database enthusiasts stand to gain vital information on the application and components of business intelligence tools including integration, reporting and analytical services. The course also includes details about the supported technologies, requirements and specifications needed before installation.

Lastly, you will analyze common issues encountered and considerations for upgrading to SQL Server 2014. This course will examine the configurable and robust nature of Management Studio, along with the flow of windows and the procedures for resetting the layout and the configuration of tools in the Options dialogue box. Also, the functions of the upgrade advisor, as well as the configuration of the advisor components, will be covered extensively in this course. You will discover how to set up a machine for the installation of the software, including the configuration, default setup and recommended settings of each tab of the installation centre. You will also learn about the numerous options for configuring the server post-installation. Finally, you will survey the hallmarks, functions and configuration of the numerous tools of the configuration manager. This course will be of significant interest to students, researchers, professional database administrators and enthusiasts as well as anyone with an interest in databases. Register for this course today and begin your next learning journey!

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