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Software Testing - Condition Coverage and Mutation Testing Strategies

Learn advanced testing strategies such as Multiple Condition Coverage (MCC), data flow testing, and mutation testing.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online software testing course is focused on condition coverage and mutation testing strategies. You will learn about coverage based techniques such as Multiple Condition Coverage (MCC) and Modified Condition and Decision Coverage (MC/DC). You will also study how to use Data Flow Testing to test your variables in a program, create a control flow graph, and introduce faults into your program for mutation testing.
Software Testing - Condition Coverage and Mutation Testing Strategies
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Condition testing is a structural testing method that is used during unit testing. It uses a source code or detailed pseudocode as a reference for test design. This course will introduce you to different types of condition testing. You will study Multiple Condition Coverage(MCC) which tests all possible combinations of true/false values, and Modified Condition and Decision Coverage(MC/DC) which tests the important combinations of conditions independently affecting the decision outcome.

Path coverage testing is a specific kind of methodical and sequential testing that assesses each individual line of code. You will look into the control flow graph which describes the sequence in which different instructions of a program get executed and the way control flows through the program. You will study data flow testing which is useful for selecting test paths of a program containing nested if and loop statements. Finally, you will look into mutation testing and learn its drawbacks.

Software testing is crucial for pointing out the defects and errors made during the development phases. It ensures the reliability of an application before reaching its user. This course is part of a series of courses and comes after the 'Introduction to Software Testing' and 'Software Testing - Black-Box Strategies and White-Box Testing'. If you have finished these two, enroll in this course now and enhance your software testing skills.

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