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Six Sigma - Understanding Design Of Experiment

Learn how to remove defects and minimize variability in your business with the Six Sigma tools taught in this course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Design of Experiments course will help you understand Design Of Experiment. Design of Experiments (DOE) involves the design of data-gathering techniques where the experimenter is often interested in the effect of some process or impact of some objects. You will also learn the key methodology used in Six Sigma processes, which has a broad application across many disciplines including engineering, manufacturing, and the sciences.
Six Sigma - Understanding Design Of Experiment
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You will first be introduced you to the Design of Experiments and how they are used to optimize process settings. You will learn what an experiment is and study the different types of variables, the critical concepts, and the different approaches to the experimentation process. You will learn the steps to be followed when planning a Design of Experiment and look into the advantages of its implementation such as yielding information at relatively low cost.

You will then study the major approaches that can be used in a Design of Experiment and cover the Factorial Design which can help you understand the effect of two or more independent variables upon a single dependent variable. You will also study the Taguchi method, which organizations use to improve the quality of their manufactured goods, as well as the Response Surface Design, which can help you better understand and optimize your response.

The Design of Experiment is one of the most powerful data collection and analysis tools that business entrepreneurs and managers can use in a variety of experimental situations. Its rigorous approach to engineering problem-solving can help save a business a lot of time and money. This course contains valuable information that will help you gain a better understanding of the concept. Check out the course today, and bring your professional skills to the next level.

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