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Six Sigma - Understanding Control Charts

Learn how to monitor a process over time by studying the control chart techniques taught in this control charts course.

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With this free online Control Charts course, you will gain a better understanding of Control Charts. You will study its features which will help you identify any abnormal variability in a process. This course will also discuss Statistical Process Control(SPC), a process used to determine if a manufacturing or business process is in a state of statistical control. You will learn why control charts are very important tools used in this process.
Six Sigma - Understanding Control Charts
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This course will first introduce you to a P Chart, which is designed to help you calculate for the percent defectives in a sample. You will then study C Charts, which are used to count the number of defects in an item. The course will then discuss the implementation requirements of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and provide you with a full run-through of the process. You will then analyze the function of Process Capability as well as learn the importance of measuring it.

Next, you will learn that process variability can greatly impact customer satisfaction. You will study the three common terms for variability which include tolerances, process variability, and control limits. The course will also discuss capability analysis which can help you assess whether a system is statistically able to meet a set of specifications or requirements that you wish to attain. You will also study the range of possible solutions to achieve your desired output.

Control charts can help an organization or business monitor their process stability. By completing this course, you will gain a valuable skill, and really boost your résumé and professional ability. This course is also supplemental to the other Six Sigma courses offered by Alison namely: Introduction To Taguchi Methods And Robust Design, Understanding Benchmarking Methods, and Understanding Design Of Experiment. Check out the course today, and learn something interesting and useful in just a few short hours.

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