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Diploma in Secure MEAN Stack Developer

Learn how to create and maintain functional web applications in MEAN stack development in this free online course.

Publisher: CODERED
MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node, a combination of document database programs and JavaScript software that allows developers to build dynamic websites and applications. Being a MEAN stack developer allows you to use each of these four open-source programs to develop for both the back-end (server side) and front-end (client or user side). MEAN stack developers are sought-after as they have in-demand development and IT skills.
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This free MEAN stack training course kicks off with examining the use of MongoDB as a database function. You will also investigate the uses of Angular as an open-source platform for creating mobile and desktop web apps. You will then study the anatomy, properties, methods and installation processes of Node for executing JavaScript outside a web browser, as well as the steps involved in building an HTTP web server. The course will give you an understanding of how to create and restructure a Node.js Express app, as well as how to use Express malware functions.

You will then unpack the processes involved in testing and refactoring APIs as a MEAN stack developer. Next is understanding CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations in database management, as well as how effectively CRUD can be used in sample MongoDB databases.

Finally, you will see exactly how Angular is used to modify components of application within MEAN stack development, including how to build components for navigation. You will also be grounded in the basic design approaches to web forms as well as the importance of data validation. Working with the built-in DI (dependency injection) system in Angular and HTTPS requests to APIs to carry out database operations, is also covered. MEAN stack developer certification is possible on completion of this course so register your account now and start studying today.

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