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SAS Programming

Learn the basics of SAS Programming, various data analyses and functions in this free online course.

Publisher: Ermin Dedic
In a world full of programming languages, it’s hard to know what one is relevant for you and your needs. Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) is used for advanced analytics like business intelligence, crime investigation, and predictive analysis. This data science course will teach you the various functions and analyses available using SAS programming including importing data and running statistical analyses using an easily understandable method.
SAS Programming
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Before diving into learning SAS and how to use it, you need to download and install World Programming System (WPS). The first topic in this course guides you through this process and makes sure you're ready to absorb the incoming information. This software supports the language of SAS elements and comes with three editions depending on the user's requirements. You will be shown how to import data using SAS which is available in different formats and file types. You will be taught the set of rules needed to write code and organize it into two types of blocks - the data step and the procedure or proc step. You will acquire knowledge to recognize the difference between the two and find out which step would be required for a particular task. Learners will gain an understanding of data set options to get control over the data. Data sets are useful tools for both inputting and outputting data. You will learn to separate data joined together with various elements. This course goes on to show you how to read and display the date and time in SAS.

A variable is any entity that can take on different values. You will gain an understanding of how to create new variables on an existing file and the different kinds of expressions that you would have to deal with in the process. Also, you will learn how to apply logic to your dataset to produce the desired outcome using a conditional clause to obtain the result. Furthermore, you will be shown how to organize your data using operations such as filtering and sorting to avoid sifting through large chunks of data. You will gain an understanding of the main types of input for input statements, declaration of variables and how you can define your own formats in SAS. You will be taught what functions are and how they work in order to perform a number of tasks. Also, you will learn how to present your data in the form of customizable graphs and charts. Do you want to run statistical analyses on the available data and predict trends? This course will teach you how to do that with a step-by-step approach.

This course is intended both for self-taught computer language enthusiasts as well as IT students. Anyone with a computer and basic knowledge of computer applications can take up this course. The field of data science is growing exponentially with an ever-increasing amount of data that is creating more and more jobs. SAS is one of the most widely used software in the field of data science. Have you ever faced problems while performing different data analyses? This course will elaborate on various analytical methods that you can make use of to analyze data such as the chi-square test, simple linear regression and multiple linear regression. Follow the lectures of a professional instructor that are engaging and easy to grasp. Pause, play and rewind the video lectures and compare the outcome of your program with that of the instructor. This course takes you on a journey from setting up the application to fully executing your codes and run analyses, all in a fun way. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stand among the experts in SAS and hone your programming skills in a way that was never possible before. Join the course now to give your programming knowledge a boost.

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