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Safety in Construction: Fall Hazards

See how safety guidelines guard against major hazards in construction in this free online course that focuses on falls.

Publisher: NPTEL
The complexities of construction work demand sustained attention to safety. Engineers, construction professionals and amateurs planning on building something can benefit from this free online course as it lays out protocols to promote safety in construction work. We emphasize fall hazards, one of the major causes of worksite fatalities, and examine the specific dangers facing workers in trenches and tunnels.
Safety in Construction: Fall Hazards
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Safety is crucial to everyone working in construction, be they professional or amateur. This free online course covers the major hazards workers face while carrying out specific construction jobs, beginning with one of the leading causes of worksite fatality: falls. We study the anatomy of falls and consider how they can be prevented through ‘fall restraint systems’ and ‘fall arrest systems’. We then discuss the hazards associated with two common construction jobs: concreting and demolition. Concreting dangers can be minimized by taking specific precautionary measures when erecting formwork. Demolitions are inherently dangerous and require proper planning to ensure the safety and protection of workers and the general public. We also highlight the proper procedures for the removal of debris and other materials.

The course then moves on to the safety concerns associated with the construction of trenches and tunnels. Dangers associated with excavation work like cave-ins demand their own safety procedures and we explain how they combine with specialized equipment to guard against these lethal hazards. We discuss the different methodologies available for tunnel construction work and the safety systems they require to preserve safety. We then introduce you to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines for carrying out specific construction tasks in the United States.

We then provide and evaluate practical examples of actual construction work to reinforce lessons learnt throughout the course. As populations grow, so does the demand for construction and for competent professionals to complete it safely. Innovation, creativity and technological advances are increasing the dynamism of projects and thus sharpening the need for safety. Whether you are attempting your own home renovation or looking to break into the construction industry, the safety skills you acquire in this course are essential for anyone completing a project as they can help to keep you and your peers safe.

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